As a family we believe it’s important that the money you contribute to Earthly not only goes a long way but that you know exactly where it is going. That’s why we publish precisely where your contributions go and why we keep our operational costs to an absolute minimum - nothing fancy here.


At the end of each month we publish receipts of Earthly’s contributions to our partner organisations showing exactly the impact of your investment. We also publish the monthly costs of operating our website and community. Currently we are aiming at an operational cost of 15% - better than most charities. This means that close to 90% of your contributions go straight to the environmental projects you love. For us as a family Earthly is purely about healing the earth and making this as simple and as affordable for our members as possible.


We are only just at the beginning of wherever Earthly will take us all and as our community grows we are hoping to be able to invest close to 100% of your contributions into our projects. 


We only work with not-for-profits and at the end of the year we plant additional trees if our operational costs turn out to be lower than anticipated. We believe in a world beyond profit and hope you do too. 


Quick summary:


Each month we publish receipts of where your donations go.


Each Year we publish a detailed report of all contributions, donations & operational cost.


At the end of each year we will plant additional trees if operational cost were lower than planned.


With a growing Earthly community we’ll be able to invest even more of your contributions into healing the earth. 


We are aiming to contribute close to 100% of your contributions to our environmental projects.

At earthly  we give power to the people. 

Earthly acknowledges and honours the Traditional Owners of countries in which we operate.

With our projects we intend to protect and support the living connection of all indigenous peoples to land, waters and culture.  

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