We created Earthly to make our down-to-earth solutions for the climate crisis available for everyone.

Earthly members bring about the urgent change the earth and we all need.

When you are an Earthly member your monthly contribution heal natural spaces, help ecosystems recover and protect humans affected by the risks of climate change. You'll plant trees and balance all the carbon emissions you cause. 

There is one more little detail that makes your climate action whole.  

All the powerful actions that we can take together aren't enough if we keep emitting carbon the way we currently do. That's as part of your membership we'll help you cut down on your everyday carbon emissions with helpful and hands-on tips.

Here we have arranged the 10 most important tips to get you started today. Give yourself a little cleanse from all that carbon and you'll see that your new low-carbon life will turn into a walk in the park. 


When you are finished with this list or want to learn more, you’ll find the most recent and in-depth tips in our earthly blog. 

Ten easy ways how to reduce your everyday carbon footprint:


  1. Switch your electricity to renewable (also possible  for rentals & share houses)

  2. Drive less, ride & walk more (pretty good for your health, too)

  3. Eat local, organic & eat more veggies

  4. Fly less & go on real adventures in nature

  5. Buy second hand & locally handmade

  6. Switch your bank account to an ethical bank

  7. Grow your own food

  8. Heal natural spaces around you - very fun!

  9. Be confident and kind

  10. Make your voice heard & vote climate


We suggest that you write this list down. You can also add things and comments that are important or helpful to you. Then take the time you need to go through these changes. Some changes you'll be able to do in half an hour like switching your bank account. Other things that involve changing habits take longer. Regardless, if you want to make a difference in the world, you now can. 


For now you can have a little look around to learn about the projects you can support with your membership and 

the huge impact we can have when we work together. 

Power to the people. 

Earthly acknowledges and honours the Traditional Owners of countries in which we operate.

With our projects we intend to protect and support the living connection of all indigenous peoples to land, waters and culture.  

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