Our Projects

Planting mangrove trees in Indonesia

planting mangrove trees with earthly

Mangroves are a real wonder when it comes to healing the earth. 


Not only do mangroves absorb twice the Co2 than other trees,

they also create important sanctuaries for young fish to mature before entering the open ocean, helping fish populations to recover.

Malawi clean stove project reducing carbon emissions

Save & clean stoves for families in Malawi

Inefficient stoves use large amounts of wood leading to deforestation and excessive smoke inside homes, impacting people's health.

This project gives families in rural Malawi access to safer and cleaner cooking stoves creating local jobs, reducing indoor air pollution and cutting down the amount of wood needed for burning.

Saving the Daintree rainforest

Saving the Daintree rainforest

Rainforests are the most biodiverse places on earth.

 Yet they are under threat of development, mining and logging.

The Daintree rainforest in Australia

is the oldest rainforest on earth.

It is home to endangered animals like the Cassowary and yet is partially unprotected. Earthly is changing that.

Planting trees in Madagascar

Madagascar is a place of unique bio-diversity with

200.000 species that only live here. 

Yet 90% of original forests have been lost.


We are planting mangrove estuaries which protect the coastline from erosion & inland forests to improve soil fertility and save future harvests.

Clean energy in Indonesia

Windfarm in Indonesia reducing carbon emissions

The world needs to transition away from fossil fuels.

The Sidrap wind farm is the first of its kind in Indonesia and will generate clean electricity for 70.ooo local homes.


The wind farm will reduce global CO2 emissions by 200.000 kg every year and improve the lives of the local community.

Earthly acknowledges and honours the Traditional Owners of countries in which we operate.

With our projects we intend to protect and support the living connection of all indigenous peoples to land, waters and culture.  

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