We started earthly in the first days of 2020 when our little daughter Namija was born.


Our wish to heal the earth from destructive human impact has long before her birth been with us. As this sense of responsibility and need for justice can easily become overwhelming,we first focussed on ourselves.


We started by living with a smaller footprint: reducing our own carbon emissions, planting vegetables, avoiding plastic, buying local, learning permaculture principles and healing natural spaces around us. We also began to offset our carbon emissions, plant trees and protect ancient rainforests through a local charity. 


At the time when Nami joined us, bushfires were raging near our home in northern New South Wales

and across Australia. 


It became clear that the time to act was now. 

With the birth of our daughter it also became clear that our responsibility for the earth reached beyond our lifetimes and we wanted to know that we were doing everything we could.


We noticed that our town’s beautiful community, many of our neighbours, friends and family felt helpless faced with the immensity and urgency of the climate crisis and the overall health of the earth. 


That’s why we created Earthly...

to make down-to-earth solutions for the climate crisis available for all of our members so that together we can bring about the change the earth and we all need.

Have a look around to learn about the projects we support and

the huge impact we can have when we work together. Thank you.

Jonas, Alanah & Namija

Time for change. 

Earthly acknowledges and honours the Traditional Owners of countries in which we operate.

With our projects we intend to protect and support the living connection of all indigenous peoples to land, waters and culture.  

©2020 by earthly.